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Its been many years since I first created this blog. It has remained true to Essbase and related information over those years. Hopefully it has answered questions and given you insight over those years. I will continue to provide my observations and comments on the ever changing world of EPM. Don't be surprised if the scope of the blog changes and brings in other Hyperion topics.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Essbase Cloud is here (well sort of)

I figured they would release Essbase Cloud before Open World, so the other day I started stalking the Oracle Marketplace to see when it would show up. What, you say what do you mean, Essbase Cloud has been around for over two years in OAC. Yes, but if you live in a cave and have not heard, Essbase is being taken out of OAC and being sold stand alone from the Oracle Marketplace. The version of Essbase is new;19c, and it has features and bug fixes that are not in OAC, but it is basically the same product.

Well today is the day. when I searched the Cloud Marketplace I see it listed, there, but there are limitations. It looks like it is only for companies (so far) that want to use BYOL to migrate from
on-prem to Cloud. It is apparently easier if the company already has an cloud infrastructure, but you can sign up in the process.  I will show the screens, but have not yet actually provisioned an instance.
To do this I will need to get together with my infrastructure group and make sure I don;t mess it up. Unlike Essbase in OAC, it is customer managed and you have to configure everything yourself.

First  google Oracle Marketplace or just go to  Oracle Marketplace
and search for Essbase what I found was

I click on it and got

Notice it is 19.3 and the only option I got was BYOL (Bring your own license) which means I had to have an on-prem version.

I entered my compartment  and got the next screen where I changed the name from the default to what I wanted to name the instance.

When  I clicked next, I got all of the setup options. note it is multiple screenshots to  show all of the options you have to fill in. You will notice I did not fill them in. I'm just showing what needs to be done

I will work with my infrastructure consultant to get the settings correct. I would suggest you work with a competent consultant as well as the settings are not straight forward. When I have it installed, I'll post a new blog and perhaps talk about the enhancements like the outline editor UI.

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