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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Using Datasoures based rules in MaxL

 This will be a short post about how to use Rules files (either Dimension build or Data load) from within MaxL. 

If we look at the documentation for the import command; it has information on file based and SQL based load, but what if we want to load from a connection and Datasource?  It is not there. I thought it might be the same as a connection but did not know hat to put into the userID or password fields. I tried leavin them blank and putting in dummy information, but neither worked. 

Finally, I reached out and got the answer. I was correct that you treat it like a SQL connection, but what you put into the UserID and Password IS important. For those inputs you need to use the ID and password of an Essbase user that has a minimum of Database Manager access to the cube you are loading

So your import statement might look something like:

import database 'Sample'.'Basic' Dimensions connect as 'ESSBASE USERID' identified by  'PASSWORD'  using server rules_file 'test_DBX.rul' on error write to 'c:/temp/Dim_DBX.err';


The output of the MaxL shows it worked  (names have been changed to protect the innocent)

 OK/INFO - 1053012 - Object [Basic] is locked by user [xxxxxxxxxxx].
 OK/INFO - 1021117 - REST API is enabled to extract data from the Oracle database.
 OK/INFO - 1021006 - SELECT Statement [SELECT  * FROM SAMPLE.DS_DBX] is generated.
 OK/INFO - 1350007 - Creating connection pool of size [1] for connection string [REST;URL=LOCAL;DS=Sample.DS_DBX;UID=....;PWD=....].
 OK/INFO - 1350032 - No message for message #1350032 in message database.
 OK/INFO - 1021002 - SQL Connection is Freed.
 OK/INFO - 1007132 - Building Dimensions Elapsed Time : [2.5] seconds.
 OK/INFO - 1019024 - Reading Outline Transaction For Database [Drxxxxxx].
 OK/INFO - 1007043 - Declared Dimension Sizes = [19 18 23 25 5 3 5 3 15 8 6 ].
 OK/INFO - 1007042 - Actual Dimension Sizes = [19 15 20 25 4 0 0 0 0 0 5 ].
 OK/INFO - 1007192 - Dimension sizes consist of stored and dynamic calc members = [19 15 20 25 4 3 5 3 15 8 5 ].
 OK/INFO - 1025030 - The IMPLIED_SHARE setting in essbase.cfg is OFF.
 OK/INFO - 1025035 - The implied share setting for the database is forced to OFF.
 OK/INFO - 1010007 - Maximum number of stored and dynamically calculated blocks is [500] with data block size of [288].
 OK/INFO - 1007047 - Restructuring of Database [Basic] is not needed.
 OK/INFO - 1007118 - Loading New Outline for Database [Basic].
 OK/INFO - 1019013 - Writing Outline For Database [Basic].
 OK/INFO - 1007120 - Loading New Outline for Database [Basic] Succeeded.
 OK/INFO - 1007067 - Total Restructure Elapsed Time : [1.55] seconds.
 OK/INFO - 1053013 - Object [Basic] unlocked by user [xxxxxxxxxxx].
 OK/INFO - 1241113 - Database import completed ['Sample'.'Basic'].

There you have it quick and easy, now the hard part, to get the documentation updated.


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