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Thursday, February 24, 2022

IAM is the new IDCS

Oracle loves it acronyms and changing them. What I think they love more is changing how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)  works. he latest is a change from Identity Management Cloud Service (IDCS) to Identity and Access Management (IAM) . Often the development teams are not aware of the changes. I was installing a new client's Essbase 21c Marketplace and couldn't figure out where IDCS went. I looked at the documentation and it still talked about IDCS. I contacted the Essbase Development management and they did not know about the change. 

Note this change is only applicable to customers who have recently gotten an OCI tenent. Others will be converted later

So to enlighten the masses (All three of you who read my blog) Here is what you do. When you log into OCI , from the hamburger next to Oracle Cloud, select Identity and Security. In the section that comes up select Domains.  Note, if the list in the center has "Federation" in it, you have the old IDCS security. 


In the screen, if you select your root compartment, you will see the default domain. You select that. IT is possible to create multiple domains for security in different pieces of OCI, but for most simple implementations you will just use the default domain. 

If you select the default domain you will be brought to this page:

You can see you can do everything you could in IDCS although some things are slightly different. like the way to activate an application or making a user an OCI administrator. 

This should be enough to get you started, but if you want to learn more here is the official oracle document on the change


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